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The Roman Invasion

In this video you can see the Roman Invasion to Great Britain. The music is not "cheerful", but you'll like it.

The Roman Empire, or post-Republican phases,  followed the Ancient Roman civilization. Their territorial possessions were vast and occupied vast lands under the power of an emperor and a Senate.
Their legions conquered new land founding Roman provinces.

The Empire was invaded by Barbarian groups. Its decay was inexorable and Roman legions started to return to Rome, since their capital was also victim of corruption. Therefore the decay had both external and internal reasons.



It's time to draw a timeline. Click here for a brief description of events.

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More sites.

Would you like to visit more sites? You cannot miss these ones. Enjoy.

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This megalithic monument deservers three videos.
  • Stonehenge on a misty April morning. Is it the movement of the camera? Is it the mist? Is it the music? Can you feel the mystery?
  • This short video from the National Geographi shows how Stonehenge could have been built.
  • Another short video. Pay attention to Stonehenge surroundings. What can you see there?

What other megalithic monuments were being built in these times?

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Rocks: either big or small.

Archaeologists pay attention to both big and small rocks,

Prehistoric Britain

If we draw a timeline of British prehistory, we can find the following:

The Neolithic Era

Prehistoric Monuments

The Bronze Age


Celtic Britain